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Welcome to Presence Board

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Looking for a better way to handle people presence?

Presence-Board is the smartest solution for first-line presence management at your office, because prime impressions last in any business.

No more wall-mounted boards

You can use that space on the wall for something that looks nice, instead.

Get rid of your dog eared visitors book

The easy-to-use interface of Presence-Board offers a better experience to your guests.

Forget about manual updates

It requires just a click to change any entry on the board. And with a Premium Subscription employees can be punched in or out just by carrying their phone.

Place your device at the reception, and access your board from everywhere: it's just that easy!

Check out what Presence-Board can give you right now, for free!

Easy to use
When people get in or out, they simply tap their name on the display.
Access from anywhere
You can take a look to your board from the web, and with any device.
Visitors management
Guests will appear on the board only when you expect them.
Accurate time reports
You can always access the whole punch history, up to {{session.historyDays}} days back.

or you can use your free account for having Cloud-Sync linked to a Premium Subscription

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Premium Subscriptions

With Cloud-Sync, you'll bring your in-out board to the next level!

Other Presence-Board accounts, registered with an email address matching a name in your board, use Cloud-Sync to connect with your Premium Subscription.

Discover its features...

Features that stick to your needs...

Boost collaboration and communication in your company, without making any change on the tools that you are already using with great satisfaction. In addition to the standard functions, Cloud-Sync gives you much more...

Employees love it:

Up and running in no time video
Having a new, free account linked to you subscription, for any employee, takes just a few seconds. And Cloud-Sync is ready to go.
Improved board view
Employees can now stop wasting time hunting down their colleagues, eliminating uncertainty and improving office communications.
Remote punching
Do you allow home-based working? Need to track work done by employees from different locations? We have it covered.
Private time reports video
The time-reports tool both discourages "time theft" and makes easy for employees to calculate compensations.
Whereabouts video
Communications regarding presence at the office can be performed in just one click, without having to open an email application.
Get notified when the awaited colleague or guest arrives: both desktop and mobile notifications are now supported.
Personal walls
Write a message on the wall of any colleague to send them a notification, or to leave a note for everything you want. Walls are auto-cleaning.
Instant picture sharing
Share pictures taken with your phone in real-time with any collegue, publishing them to your wall without any complex import task.
No-Touch punch in/out
Thanks to the integrated iBeacon support you can get automatically punched in or out just by carrying your phone.

Managers love it:

Better guests management video
Tracking visitors presence at the company is even easier: external persons can also be registered in no time by any employee.
Unlimited punching history
Entries in the punching history for any name never expires, so that you can always keep track of people presence.
Extreme customisations
You can upload you logos, images and information messages that will be displayed on the device of any linked account.
Maximal flexibility
You can disable access to specific features for any of your names, or even delegate administrative duties to other people.
Device/Group names
Assign entries to a specific group, so that public-facing boards can show only the names which you actually want to see.
Wonderful offer
Subscribe for a free trial during the beta and, if you like it, you can have the Premium Subscription for a very special price. Forever.
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One product, one clear price: no contracts or hidden surprises

There are no limits about the features or the amount of people managed by your board, and we provide you these additional instruments through a service that is accessible on the web and from mobile devices: you don't need to maintain a dedicated server in your network and there are no applications to be installed in your computer.

BETA period special conditions

During the beta period you can already start using your Premium Subscription with these additional advantages:

Extended trial time

Free Trials last twice the time during the beta.

Discounted price

After the trial you can have it for a very special price. Forever.

Make it yours

You can suggest the features you'll love to see in Presence-Board

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Running a startup? We are offering free, renewable monthly subscriptions for small businesses, because we'd love to grow up next to you.

Prices are ALL inclusive. You wouldn't need to use the credit card until you decide to confirm your subscription, and during the beta you have a {{session.trialDays}} days Free Trial to get in love with it.

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