Especially for companies hosted in the same building, it’s common to have receptionists who take care of the needs for all of these organisations, and of course they are employeed in only one of them. The other companies can allow the receptionist accounts to access their board as they were Device accounts regularly linked with Cloud-Sync, even if they actually aren’t.

In this way, they can update the board when required, punching in or out any employee or visitor.

Enabling external access

Accessing external subscription, intended as others than the one linked with CLoud-Sync, is allowed only for accounts marked as Board administrator.

In order to access other subscriptions, their email address (which identifies their account), needs to be associated to a name in the external boards. Since that name should not appear in any of these external boards, it will be registered there as a Device account, and then it should have the Allow external access privilege.

The receptionists, owners of these accounts, will be now allowed to add the external board (where they have been registered) to their quick access list, available next to the Dashboard, simply pressing a button in their Settings page.