While keeping track of people at work is a totally normal task, those in-out boards hanging in many receptions are just not a suitable solution nowadays: using an online presence management system offers many advantages over the traditional whiteboard or magnetic versions. Not only it can be viewed and updated from any location where there is an Internet connection, but it also gives the possibility to notify any colleague if you are working from home or a remote location.

Many of our customers, however, want to have a device (as a tablet, while somebody else prefers a touch-display connected to a computer) placed in a very visible place at the reception, to provide the same feeling that you have with the physical boards and for quick consultation for everybody who is passing by. Without the need to open a browser and access the website, employees can just tap their name to punch in or out from work.

[Pic. 1] a public facing in-out board, implemented with a free Presence Board account

Device accounts for Premium Subscriptions

Since this feature is directly available for free with any Presence Board account, many companies have decided to benefit from this product just to replace their hanging in-out board: they have registered a free account using a generic, non-personal email address, and shared its credentials to the other people that have to check in real time who is on or off at a specific moment, accessing the board from the web.

Organisations which have to deal with more demanding needs and so decided to have all the advantages available with a Premium Subscription, however, require a proper way to achieve the same result: having a public-facing board that can be physically accessed by people for their punching needs, without compromising anybody’s else privacy and the general security of your system. That’s why, with a Premium Subscription, it’s possible to add a name marked as device, instead of having only the individual or visitor options as in the private boards.

This name have to be associated to a specific Presence Board account, providing the corresponding email address in the related field. Once logged in with this account, it will be possible to provide your users with a public-facing board, just better than before. A name marked as device will never appear on the board, but is rather used to publish it.

[Pic. 2] a public facing in-out board, implemented with a device account of Premium Presence Board subscription

Device accounts can be very handy also for other needs, but we’ll discover this in detail with a specific post.