Have you ever wasted time and energy trying to find out if a colleague was in the office?

It’s happened to many of us in our professional experience.

When unexpected situations occur we often invest our precious time looking for people we need to assist us. We start making phone calls, we send emails asking to be contacted as soon as possible, and as a last resort we may find ourselves traveling to their office to find them.

Until we decided to create something new - that could finally solve this problem.

Welcome to Presence Board: a completely new, easy to use tool that offers 3 immediate advantages:

  • First, Presence Board helps you to save time and gives you total access to information about the presence of people in your company at any time, no matter where you are.

  • Second, Presence Board improves the image of your company, switching from the traditional yet old fashioned approach of an in-out board hanging on the wall, along with a guest book for visitors, towards a totally new and improved look which simply requires a device with internet connection whether that’s a cell phone, tablet, or a computer.

  • Lastly, Presence Board provides additional features which enhance communication and collaboration between colleagues without the need to replace any current system already in place.

So go ahead and Register now for your free account on Presence Board to have this time saving and indispensable tool at your finger tips today.