If you already are a user of our free Android app available on the Play Store, you may have noticed a new feature available with the last update: the wall.

Any account with Cloud-Sync enabled is allowed to take pictures that will be published on the wall. Walls are directly accessible for consultation to other accounts linked to the same board, so that your colleagues can directly see the images in no time, no matter where they are.

After a few days the pictures will automatically be removed from the walls, leaving space for any newer content.

Forget about the old days when you had to email pictures taken with your phone or, even worst, you were required to export them on your laptop before being attached to your chat session: once again, we wanted to provide our users with another handy feature for their toolbox, that enhances communication and collaboration between colleagues without the need to replace any current system already in place.

At the moment you can enjoy this new feature from the Presence Board mobile app, but you can expect to see the walls available also from the web interface in the next few days.