How many times we have to wait for a colleague to get in before we can start a specific activity? Thanks to Presence Board you can check in real time if any workmate is present or yet to come, but with no doubt we can say that it will be very handy to get directly notified by the system.

We just implemented this new feature for you, and it’s already available to any account with Cloud-Sync activated. Just access the wall of any other user (selecting the corresponding name from the board view), and if your colleague is not in yet, you can press a button and be notified on next checkin.

But notifications are handly even when used the other way around: if you need the attention of somebody else, you can just write a quick note to their wall, and the user will be automatically notified about your message.

At the moment, notifications are already available via the web-interface of Presence Board. The mobile client app will support the notifications as well from the next upgrade, that we hope to release before the end of the year. Stay tuned!