We are really excited to announce the latest feature added in the Presence Board tool-box. With No-Touch punching employees can be automatically checked in or out just carrying their phone with them.

Version 1.3 of the free client app for iOs and Android includes the iBeacon support. Once you install it on your device (with the Bluetooth function enabled), you are ready to use the No-Touch punching feature.

How does it work?

Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE) is a wireless personal area network technology which can be used to generate beacons, or to work with them. It is supported by almost any recent mobile phone and tablet.

Several vendors provide small iBeacon devices that are fully supported by Presence Board, and you can also implement them without external hardware if you already use an iOS device (like an iPad) for providing a public facing board, by the same mobile app version.

Once an employee walks in the area covered by your beacons, the status change will happen with no need of any other interaction.

Users have full control of this feature, and may specify (in the settings page) the correct times for being automatically checked in or out.