How can I start a Premium Subscription?

If possible, we suggest you to register with a dedicated email address for managing your subscription: that account will be used mainly for administration purposes, while the related address will receive any communications sent with Presence Board.

That’s why usually an address like presence@example.com would be more suitable than john.smith@example.com for managing your subscription, while the latter should be used for connecting to the main board with Cloud-Sync.

Once logged in, just start a Free Trial from the Settings page.

Once I decide to confirm my subscription, how will I be charged?

We are sure that during the trial period you will get in love with the easy-to-use features of Presence Board.

After your decision to confirm (or renew) the subscription, you will choose between the monthly and yearly plans as decribed above. There are no strict limits on the number of names that you can add to the board or link to other accounts.

May I use Presence-Board to generate payrolls?

Presence Board is presence-management tool designed for organisations and startups that work with flexible methodologies: accurate reporting for payrolls management is beyond of its scope. The record history is however maintained for consultation, to have a clear track about people presence in the workplace during time, and so available for any need.

What about DOL/DCAA compliance?

The time reports feature is meant to facilitate staffs in dealing with their working time history, but it can help you out on that: every time somebody punches in or out from a remote location, time and GPS position are recorded.

The same happens for any change made on the record history, for which email notifications are always sent out.

What if the time limited special offer expires during my free trial?

If you start the Free Trial when the offer is still active, you’ll also have the same very special conditions after your decision to confirm the subscription.