Welcome to Presence Board

Have you ever wasted time and energy trying to find out if a colleague was in the office?

It’s happened to many of us in our professional experience.

When unexpected situations occur we often invest our precious time looking for people we need to assist us. We start making phone calls, we send emails asking to be contacted as soon as possible, and as a last resort we may find ourselves traveling to their office to find them.

Until we decided to create something new - that could finally solve this problem.

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Providing a public-facing board for your employees

While keeping track of people at work is a totally normal task, those in-out boards hanging in many receptions are just not a suitable solution nowadays: using an online presence management system offers many advantages over the traditional whiteboard or magnetic versions. Not only it can be viewed and updated from any location where there is an Internet connection, but it also gives the possibility to notify any colleague if you are working from home or a remote location.

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Access multiple subscriptions through the quick-access list

Especially for companies hosted in the same building, it’s common to have receptionists who take care of the needs for all of these organisations, and of course they are employeed in only one of them. The other companies can allow the receptionist accounts to access their board as they were Device accounts regularly linked with Cloud-Sync, even if they actually aren’t.

In this way, they can update the board when required, punching in or out any employee or visitor.

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The Device accounts

Please take a look to Names marked as Device/Group for more up-to-data information.

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Forgot to check-out for lunch?

How often employees forget to punch-out for their lunch break? It happens so many times, that we thought to implement a very easy feature for having it covered in the fastest possible way.

Once a punch out action is performed, if the session was “long enough” to guess this necessity, the time report for this employee will provide an additional button, placed next to the usual Edit one.

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Android app available on the Play Store

We are extremely happy to announce that the Presence Board client application is finally available for every Android device.

You can go to the Play Store and get it right now!

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Quick picture sharing on your Wall

If you already are a user of our free Android app available on the Play Store, you may have noticed a new feature available with the last update: the wall.

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iOS app available on the iTunes Store

We are extremely happy to announce that the Presence Board client application is finally available for any iOS device.

You can go to the iTunes Store and get it right now!

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Independent recipient selection for the Whereabouts messages

Since we implemented the Whereabouts feature in Presence Board, users would always send their messages to the email address identifying the subscription connected with Cloud-Sync, and possibly to a single additional one. This was not a very flexible solution, so we decided to improve the messaging system integrated with Presence Board, allowing you to quickly select different recipients at any time.

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Just let me know...

How many times we have to wait for a colleague to get in before we can start a specific activity? Thanks to Presence Board you can check in real time if any workmate is present or yet to come, but with no doubt we can say that it will be very handy to get directly notified by the system.

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Notifications available for both iOS and Android

It took some time, but we are excited to announce that version 1.2 of the free client app for iOs and Android is finally available.

You can now be informed when the awaited colleague (or visitor) arrives, and even notify your workmates writing a post on their wall if you are in a hurry. No matter if you do it from the website, phone or tablet.

Desktop notifications were in production since a while (as in the post Just let me know...), but having them delivered to your mobile phone is way more effective.

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No-Touch punching: automatic check in and out with iBeacons

We are really excited to announce the latest feature added in the Presence Board tool-box. With No-Touch punching employees can be automatically checked in or out just carrying their phone with them.

Version 1.3 of the free client app for iOs and Android includes the iBeacon support. Once you install it on your device (with the Bluetooth function enabled), you are ready to use the No-Touch punching feature.

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Names marked as Device/Group

With every Presence Board account you can access a Private Board which allows you to manage employee and visitor presence in your organisation.

Owners and Administrators of a Premium Subscription are also enabled to add and edit names in the Cloud Board, and there they can specify another type of these entries, that identifies them as Device/Group accounts.

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